poison ivy.


first page(s) in my moleskine.
i was having my usual "overactive imagination" moments and i designed some character from a nonexistent comic. he's wearing someone's skull that he smashed in. :D

largeheaded woman with a big dress.
acrylic, matte medium, and tissues.
my book wont close correctly now. :D

page three.

Oil Rub for Media. MR.T!

Oil rub for Media. Don Knotts/Barney Fife.


Pastel drawing for Media.

I hate this scanner so much. Acrylic dry brush for Media.
It looks alot better than this, I swear :<

Scanners...suck so hard.

I'll prolly fix this post later with a better picture that..you know...actually look like my painting. :(

Oh well, a crane (?) in acrylic for Media.


First post evar. :)

This was our scratchboard assignment for Media.
I miss Mr. Brandes already.